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Aug 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
police arrested did he sean davis. he was seen walking out of st. john the baptist church with burglary tools. police say he destroyed about $15,000 worth of property. police do not think the two crimes are related but the church has stepped up surveillance stadiums and plans to add locks to the windows. >>> two defendants in the high school gang rape case. they'll find out whether they spend the rest of their lives in jail. they found mer sales peter and jose mon taken facing life. two men are in prison and two more are waiting for that are trial. >>> let's check in with tori campbell with breaking news we're following. >>> good morning. coming up in minutes, we have a crew headed to walnut creek where we've learned there was a burglary attempt at the tiffany's store there and we'll tell you who police are searching for. a driver who hit a dublin couple on bicycles it's always because of something he tweeted just before the crash. plus does this look like a lion to you. why they're trying to pass who have this dog as an exotic animal. they're doing a study into human growth hormones. b
Aug 15, 2013 5:00am PDT
27-year-old did he sean davis on suspicion of attempted burglary. he was seen walking out of st. john the baptist catholic church with burglary tools. four days earlier, they arrested a transient on suspicion of vandalizing the church. he destroyed about 15,000 dollars worth of property. they don't think the crimes are related. they're adding more locks on the windows and adding surveillance cameras. >>> they rejected the legal effort to save prop 8. they argued that only the two couples named in the landmark case should be allowed to marry. unless something unforeseen happens, the legal battle of gay marriage is over. >>> they are calling for a boycott of russian vodka. this is one held by a sfole vodka. it was one of a number of actions against anti-gay laws. >> they say it supports the gay community and as has no ties to the government. >>> numbers in at least 27 american cities have launched petitions on move there are two bay area petitions, one in oakland has 900 signatures the one in san jose has 700. >>> the man accused of stabbing his girlfriend is scheduled to enter
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2